Plant-based Sustainable Omega-3 source : Ahiflower Oil

2021 is the year of the sustainable-minded consumer. Studies have shown that over 70% of EU consumers want to become more sustainable in 2021. As a result, brands are being held more accountable than ever to source their ingredients sustainably and traceably. Because of this, ‘Going green’ with plant-based omegas is becoming very popular. Peolple are now turning to Ahiflower® oil­. Ahiflower is a plant-based sustainable omega-3 source. This sustainably grown omega-3 source improves people’s wellness in various ways through its unique fatty acid profile.

At De Wit Speciality Oils we provide high-quality oils to support both human, animal and planetary wellness while following sustainable practices. Staying true to our innovative spirit, we now offer Ahiflower® oil­— A unique plant-based and sustainable omega-3 source.

What is a Plant-based Omega-3 Source?

For over a decade, our partners at Natures Crops International have cultivated Ahiflower Oil as the richest, most complete and balanced plant-based source of omega 3-6-9. Ahiflower supports people’s cardiovascular, brain, immune, skin and digestive wellness. Next to this, Ahiflower oil’s farming and consumption supports regenerative agriculture.

Ahiflower A Plant-Based Sustainable Omega-3 Source

What is Sustainable Regenerative Agriculture?

Ahiflower is regeneratively grown which means that Natures Crop’s farmers give more back to soil nutrients and fertility than they take. By doing so, they support soil health, pollinator health, and a more biodiverse world that ultimately sustains us.

Principles of regenerative agriculture

  • Minimizing soil disturbance
  • Maximizing crop diversity
  • Maintaining a ‘living root’ in the ground
  • Minimal use of synthetic inputs which increases biodiversity and beneficial pollinator levels

Our mission is to be more engaged in how the natural products industry can take greater responsibility for its role in protecting the biosphere,” says Andrew Hebard, President and CEO of Natures Crops.

More reasons to choose a plant-based sustainable omega-3 source?

  • 100% plant-based & clean tasting
  • 100% sustainable, traceable and regeneratively grown
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Ahiflower contains more biologically advanced omegas (SDA & GLA) that are naturally balanced in an overall 4:1 omega-3:6 ratio
  • Clinically demonstrated to boost anti-inflammatory IL-10 cytokine production in humans

When you develop products with Ahiflower, you’re showing your customers that you care about people’s choice for more sustainable alternatives in their supplements and foods. Also, you’re creating new products in the world of omega’s!

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